Fascinating Finnish Vocabulary


Tights are neither socks nor pants but something in between, hence the word ‘sock pants’.


The literal translation of "virtahepo" is "stream-horse". This one doesn’t make any sense, as hippos don’t resemble horses at all, neither do they live in streams. Perhaps it came about due to a distinct lack of wild hippos in Finland.


It can be translated as "iron road". Not much to say about this one as it is yet another highly-literal translation. Somehow, it does sound nicer to say ‘iron road’ than ‘railway’.

Types of Finnish Verb

Type 1

Verbs that belong to this type have an infinitive that ends in two vowels (-aa, -ea, -eä, -ia, -iä, -oa, -ua, -yä, -ää, -öä).

Type 2

This type of verbs consists of verbs that end in -da/-dä.

Type 3

Verbs that belong to this type end in -lla/-llä, -nna/-nnä, -rra/-rrä, -sta/-stä (in other words: in two consonants and a vowel).

Type 4

Verbs that belong to type four end in -ata/-ätä, -ota/-ötä, -uta/-ytä.

Type 5

Type five is quite rare. Verbs that belong to this type end in -ita/-itä.

Type 6

Most of the type six verbs have something in common when you translate them. Their meaning will usually be “to become something”. This implies a change from one state to another (becoming cold, hot, etc). They end in -eta/-etä.

Tips on How To Learn A New Language

Know Your Motivation
This might sound obvious, but if you don’t have a good reason to learn a language, you are less likely to stay motivated over the long-run.
Keep It Relevant
Talking to people is one of the best ways to learn a language because it keeps the learning process relevant to you.
Learn with a Friend
This way, you have someone with whom you can speak, and that’s the idea behind learning a new language.


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